Community Park

Management of 5-acre Community Park.


Douglas Community Association liases with Cork County Council in the management of a 5-acre park in the heart of Douglas.  This park is a public amenity enjoyed by people of all ages and stages.   It has a great variety of trees, oaks, ash, sycamore, birch and beech, provided by Cork Co. Council nursery.  Many of these were planted in Autumn 1981 when Governor Sean Maccrann allowed prisoners from Cork Prison to plant the trees as a community project.  These trees have matured beautifully and the spire of St. Luke’s Church of Ireland, a familiar sight to all natives of Douglas, creates a beautiful feature in the background.  The park contains a State-of-the Art Playground provided by Cork Co. Council for children up to the age of 13.  From early morning, joggers use the jogging path for a work-out.   The Monday Walkers, organized by the local ICA ladies and an active retirement group Young at Heart have an office here.  The flower beds are maintained and planted up for each season, and a Groundforce Team from Rehab Group, South Douglas Road, work with Tidy Towns crew trimming the trees and bushes.   DCA meets regularly with the Cork County Council local engineer to discuss maintenance of the park.  The Tidy Towns group clean up litter in the park every Saturday.  Several benches are sited throughout the park for people to sit and chat, read a book or just gaze around, and people pass through it all day long, going to work, or strolling through with friends.  The park is open daily to the public from 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.  Insurance and security are provided by DCA Ltd.


Park in Spring 2012

The Park in October 1981