Artists impression of proposed new social centre.

DCA Ltd. wishes to enhance the current facilities by initiating a project, the central thrust of which is to provide a social centre which will allow services, particularly for the young and the active retired/elderly, to be provided as part of a wider community setting.  The provision of a social centre element will offer opportunities for older people themselves to organize activities and thus enhance interaction between the generations.


The provision of a social centre as part of the overall development, will allow for the enhancement of existing services and the development of new services.  The services involved include a community catering service (meals delivered to homes and also available at the centre), older people’s peer support group, telephone service to keep up contact with the elderly living alone, social activities/programming of events, youth café etc.  It is envisaged that the retired/older people themselves would be very much at the heart of providing these services in the new facility.





Phases 1 & 2:  Construction of 2-Storey Extension, Fitting & Equipping Ground Floor


  • Upgrading of sewer system to allow for independent surface water and foul drains, to facilitate new and existing building.
  • New Kitchen to facilitate Meals-on-Wheels and service a small dining area.
  • New toilets.
  • Provision for lift.
  • Dedicated room for community groups, e.g. Douglas Care Ring.


Phase 3: Refurbish existing centre


  • Provision of a Day Room that will service as a dining and recreational room for older people.
  • Addition of toilets.
  • Additional offices.


Phase 4:  Fitting & Equipping First Floor            


  • Installation of lift.
  • Training Room/Meeting Room.
  • Dedicated room for community groups, e.g. youth club.



FUND RAISING for new Extension


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